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Est. 1894

Get a skylight installed or repaired today!

Specialists in gable and hip style skylights

Albert J. Wagner, LLC hand fabricates and installs metal, glass, gable and hip style skylights for over 100 years. Call 1-773-935-1414 today to get a FREE estimate on your next skylight installation!

A Chicago staple since 1894

For over 100 years, Albert J. Wagner has created and repaired some of the oldest structures in the greater Chicago, IL area. Call 1-773-935-1414 to speak with our experts about skylight, roofing, cornice and gutter work as well as much more!


Go green! A skylight brings in the sun's natural light reducing the need for electrical lighting during daytime hours.


We handle all phases of cornice installation and restoration!

Restore your building's cornice today!

A cornice is a distinctive architectural "crown" that adds to the life of the masonry wall behind it. At Albert J. Wagner, we handle all phases of copper and various metal cornice installation, from design and fabrication to removing old metal and replacing support structures.

Call 1-773-935-1414  today to get a FREE estimate on your next cornice servicing.



Do not throw away that old historic cornice until you contact our experts! Most can be restored, call us today  



Protect your house from the elements, have cladding installed today!

Cladding will add years to your home!

In the windy city we're accustomed to heavy rains. Overtime this can cause damage to the outside of your home. Having cladding installed is an easy way to protect your home from the elements.

We stand behind all of our work. Call us for an appointment today



We produce unparalleled quality ornamental work

Discover the luxury of ornamental work

Decorative copper finials, brackets, and moldings are examples of the old-world craftsmanship that Albert J. Wagner still produces with unparalleled quality.


Call 1-773-935-1414 to inquire about our ornamental work and see if we can decorate the item you have in mind today!


Ornamental work provided

- Copper and galvanized finials

- Copper and galvanized brackets

We stand behind all of our work

At Albert J. Wagner, we hold ourselves to the highest standards when performing our jobs. We stand behind all of our work and can guarantee that your building is in the best hands for any project. Call 1-773-935-1414 for an appointment!

small Stampings

Over 100 years of expert craftsmanship. Call us for an appointment today!




Skylights, Cornices, Cladding and Ornamental

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